About… My Blossoming Bump – Colouring Journal

A warm welcome…

Congratulations and how exciting to be blossoming with the most precious life there is … your beautiful baby.
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Our bump journal was created just for you!  Pregnancy is a life changing event that deserves to be celebrated and enjoyed. Now you have a unique, fun and interactive way to respond to the amazing journey of growing your little one. From the moment you begin thinking about making a baby to deciding on a name, and everything in between your journal will become a special part of your weekly ritual.

It’s a lovely way to store your baby’s scans and photos of your baby belly, it’s sure to become a precious family keepsake, and honoured time-capsule to share with your child later in life.  A beautiful uplifting affirmation filled with encouraging quotes to support and inspire you along the waxxn lesbiany. As each month fills your heart and imagination with the miracle that is on the way, you can record all the emotion and excitement as your pregnancy evolves too.

A sweet way to mark each trimester as you colour your bump journey with love, embracing every milestone of development as you discover all the incredible things your baby and body are doing. Your pregnancy is a celebration of the pure joy a baby belly brings, it’s the most creative and precious thing your body will ever do!

Amusingly, each week of your pregnancy you will see your sweet baby being compared to a plant source like a fruit or vegetable. It’s so much fun following the growth of your baby when in week 4 he or she is sprouting from a tiny Poppy seed right through until week 40 when your baby is about the size of a whopping Watermelon.

As you find yourself  daydreaming often wondering about what your baby will be like, until the indescribable moment you experience the warmth of skin on skin contact of the first hello earth side. My Blossoming Bump Colouring Journal is there to capture it all!

About … Author

Vanessa Osborne is a Sydney based creative who enjoys nothing more than being immersed in a variety of crafty mediums from pencils, paints, ink, paper, card and fabric. Always looking to nature, she is often inspired by her surroundings, people, food, music, and finding a little joy and beauty from all of these daily experiences.

Being able to draw upon her full family life, travel experiences and the everyday she can’t help but, be passionate about expressing herself when following her creative heart. Always looking to source a way to be creative, and get lost in the moment that is her “happy place”, where she is free to imagine and be spontaneous to enjoy where ever it may take her.

During the making of this book she was surrounded by four more blossoming bumps, that added to her beautiful brood of grand babies, now there are 6!. She has many great nieces and nephews that makes for a busy and entertaining life, full of active play, story telling and many fun filled treasured moments. These little people are the joy in her heart, and are a constant reminder to never loose touch with the inner child we all have inside us.

My Blossoming Bump-Colouring Journal was created from necessity. When looking to buy a unique gift for her daughter in law who was expecting her first baby at the time, she was looking to buy her something unique, interactive and relaxing to enjoy during her pregnancy. Her search didn’t yield anything suitable, so she went about creating her very own colouring journal for the mother-to-be. This resulted in a beautiful companion book that allows for moments of quiet reflection to record all those precious moments, and a lovely way to relax whilst colouring your way through all the amazing milestones too.

Each piece of artwork has been meticulously hand drawn, and the adorable character Rosie inspired and stole her heart in the process. She had so much fun engaging, and immersing herself in this project as she imagined all the experiences that can happen along the way.It became a constant reminder that it’s not just a journey of 40 weeks or so, it truly is an adventure. Her goal was to try and capture the pure joy and wonder that comes from growing a baby from conception until that moment of crowning glory.

“Creating a beautiful way to embrace the pregnancy journey for the mother-to-be has been a dream come true for me. I hope this journal brings every one of you an abundance of blossoming love, inspiration and absolute baby joy!

Ness Osborne – Creator of My Blossoming Bump Colouring Journal

About …The Character

Rosie is the adorable character and companion featured throughout as you colour, and capture all of the magic of your extraordinary journey into motherhood.

Embrace all these beautiful blossoming moments, from discovering your positively pregnant, feeling baby’s first kick to preparing the nursery. All of these precious milestones are sure to make your heart flutter with love.

Who knew growing a baby could be so much fun? Just like you, Rosie is often bursting with excitement and feeling a little nervous, yet at other times she feels just like an invincible super heroine on a marathon journey to grow, and birth her baby. Mostly though, her heart is overflowing with love for the miracle she cradles within.

Come celebrate your pregnancy adventure with a rainbow of colour, and all the joy your baby belly brings with My Blossoming Bump – Colouring Journal!